Golden Study Group

As a dental professional for almost twenty years, a mother, a wife and an all around busy person, like you, I wished to find a way to learn, and really experience relevant ways to enhance my professional life in a time-efficient, fun and relaxing environment. Close to home, cheap and interesting. I looked around and couldn’t find it so I decided to create it myself.  That was in 1998. A lot of bagels have passed under the bridge since then!

We’ve learned so much from terrific dentists such as Dr. Larry Rosenthal, Dr. David Hornbrook, Dr. Bob Lowe, Dr. Pete Dawson, Dr. Bill Dorfman, Dr. John Cranham and many, many more.

And what a joy it is to offer a day jam-packed with exciting speakers on a variety of interesting topics, great food, atmosphere and place to really relax and talk to other dental professionals. Best of all, at a terrific price.

Learning new techniques from experts who can REALLY teach and allow me to bring skills to the office the very next day in a cozy, friendly atmosphere was another one of my goals. I‘ve achieved this in the “One Bagel, Hands-On” series. I searched the world to bring topics both tried and true and unique to enhance your working world and your life. So please join me in this unique educational experience.

Taste and enjoy,

Roni Golden, DMD